Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recent Outings

Eeep!  It's been almost two weeks since I posted.  I blame Owen's almost-weeklong virus and continued spotty internet.  When you spend 20 minutes selecting pictures and get all ready to post and then realize you've lost your signal AGAIN and then you take a break only to come back and realize you lost all the pictures you chose...

yeah,  it kinda takes the joy out of it.

But here are some shots from a few recent fun outings we've made.


The last one is Owen's face when he first spotted the clone trooper battle scene.  Complete adoration.
Incidentally, if you ever find yourself needing to profile potential serial killers then a stop at a LEGO convention will definitely be worth your time.


Owen's school took a field trip to the circus a little over a week ago.  He'd heard it would be noisy so he took earplugs.  Can you spot them in his ears in that first photo?  
And, yes, they're in backwards.  They're placebo earplugs.  I'd love to have more casual shots of me with Owen, so a big thank you to Christine for sending me one!


 I'm going to commit and say this shade of moss green is my absolute favorite color.  Owen photobombed the moss when I was giving it too much of my attention, 
which leads me to say that the blue of his eyes could come in a VERY close second.