Friday, July 19, 2013

At the Drive In

We pass this drive-in, just off the highway, every time we go to Grandmother's house.  "We should try that sometime..."  we usually say.  Turns out Scott's firm had to rent the place out to finally get us there, but it was as fun and nostalgic as I hoped it would be.  The popcorn was burn-your-lips salty, and the air smelled like campfire.  Lightning bugs signaled in front of the screen, while trees stood in shadow behind it.  We could even see clearly enough to spot a satellite in the sea of stars overhead.

If you live around here and haven't been yet, I highly recommend you add the Harpersville Drive In to your summer list.  Playing now:  The Lone Ranger and Monsters University.  A few friendly tips:  bring bug spray and a portable FM radio if you plan to venture from your car.  It will also be a late night.  Owen was so proud he extended his previous stay-up-late record to 11:03 PM.  Good times!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another one?

We went for ice cream yesterday.  He got down to the bottom of the cone and noticed a fourth color had joined his rainbow sherbet.  Blood red.  His tooth was just dangling there.

On Saturday, he casually mentioned that he planned to learn to tie his shoes in the 20 minutes before dinner.  And he did it.  And he's tied them on his own every day since.

What's up for tomorrow, O?   Growing a mustache?  Are you trying to make me do the embarrassing cry?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Owen lost his first tooth!  And he went big.  No piddly warm-up baby bottom tooth.  Straight for front and center.

It's been loose for months, so I've had plenty of time to prepare for this event, but it was still a little dagger to my heart to see Owen without a front tooth.

"Please [Owen] leave tooth."  He's going to be a sentimental hoarder.  And he comes by it honestly since I never let the Tooth Fairy take my teeth either.  I read one book as a child about how the Tooth Fairy liked to use the teeth she gathered to pave the roads in Fairy Land and found that to be an unacceptable use of precious dental resources.

He was lit.  Up.  I read to him and put him to bed, and he could barely stop beaming that sweet, new little snaggletoothed smile.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blueberry Pickin'

Love Owen's hand-in-the-cookie-jar smile in that last one!