Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The solution

Owen has come to a cruel realization.  Just about every fiber of his being loves ice cream, except for his teeth.  When he took a big bite out of Mimi's dipped cone at Dairy Queen a few weeks ago, he enjoyed about one second of bliss before his face distorted, arms shot out stiff, and shivers rippled through him like he was a nervous Chihuahua.  When he recovered and started to go in for a return bite, he hesitated.  

"We make ice cream wome?"

"No, honey.  I'm sorry.  If we tried to make ice cream warm, it wouldn't be ice cream anymore."

Then we went to Cape Canaveral and I realized that astronauts everywhere must have been rolling their eyes at my ignorance.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Reading Owen's mind

Oh wow.  A girl.  In a rainbow dress.  With a cool stuffed animal.  Must impress.    

"If you will just look over to the northwest corner of the enclosure you will see a most magnificent Bengal tiger, also known as Panthera tigris tigris.  Oh, and I'm not stuttering I meant to say tigris twice you see there is also the Panthera tigris altaica the Panthera tigris sumatrae the Panthera ti- well you get the idea.  Hey what are you doing after nap time?"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beck Beck Blog

Shelley forgot to sign out! Muwhahahaha......

She and Owen are racing to catch their flight as I type,  because I may have gotten them there late in hopes that they may have to stay another night (sorry Scott). I know, I am so selfish; I blame it on being the spoiled youngest child of three girls. Anyway, we had such a fun few days and now I am left in an empty house with no excavator Owen, no Owen singing "Happy Birthday to Anyone!" no Owen squeezing your cheeks and giving you a big kiss, no Owen asking "where is Woe?" no big sis, no misplaced toys, not even a smelly diaper. The only evidence that they were ever here...
*The runner on the table is named "Owen" and was a wedding gift from Uncle Drew and Aunt Sarah Elizabeth! Thank you!

Shelley left us with some happy spring flowers in hopes that I would not be sitting at home right now blogsobbing about how I missed them! 3 more weeks until the beach and hopefully I will see them again! 

Update: Text message states that I failed my mission. Shelley says that they made the flight and are in the plane to B-ham. I tried. 

xoxo- Beck Beck

The Visit, In Pictures

So in the end, we decided that you folks would rather have pictures, and we would rather have time to visit.  I'll provide some inside scoop and commentary next week when Beck isn't around to entertain me. Thanks for a fantastic time Beck Beck and Woe!  We love you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

NASA Teaser

We'll write something tomorrow.  O is asleep, and we've got dessert to eat and a cheesy vampire movie to watch right now!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're off

to Orlando to visit BeckBeck and Joe.  I'm taking my camera cord so we can do remote blog posts.  Maybe the Martens can whip me back into blogging shape!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


As I desperately watched the final minutes of the Northern Iowa/Kansas game, Owen got out his purple and yellow crayons and used the yellow one to write inside one of my ballet flats.  And then within minutes of the figurative destruction of my bracket, Owen sneaked off to the kitchen and made it literal.

This tells me two things.  1)  The kid is pretty sharp.  2)  He plans to use these smarts against me.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Sorry.  We've all been a little banana brained lately with a cold/fever virus that just doesn't seem to have enough manners to thank its hosts and go home.

For those of you who get one, have a great Spring Break!

Post edit:  Get a Spring Break, not a virus.  That might otherwise have seemed snarky.  See?  Banana brained.