Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stats & Facts: 15 mos

Weight: 21 lbs 11 oz  (15th percentile)
Height: 32 3/4 in (85th percentile)
Mobility: Walks well, starting to run, can take side and back steps, likes to climb - if only so he can climb back down
Other motor skills: Gives high fives, hugs (love them!), kisses (a little sloppy), opens:  doors, jars with screw tops, drawers

Guide to Owen-speak

doe....................... n. anything that opens, closes or otherwise makes a loud noise
muh muh muh....... adj. request for increase in supply of desired item (usually food) or continuation of desired action (usually reading books)  
                              *Not to be confused with the similar-sounding term of endearment he SHOULD be using by now to refer to the nice lady who birthed him.
die-dee................. n. pacifier
nine nine.............. n. clementine
Nuh no?...............  phrase  conveys his understanding that an object or action is forbidden while simultaneously communicating that he really feels you 
                                should reconsider and so intends to do what he wants to do anyway
uh-oh................... interj.  frequently heard about 5 seconds after the above phrase
meh-na-nen......... n. Motrin, Tylenol, teething tablets, etc.
teet-thhh.............. n. toothbrush
rye-rye................. n. stroller (ride-ride, get it?)
dowt-died............ prep. where we are when we open the "doe" and go for a walk in the "rye-rye"

In summary, Owen is a tall, skinny kid who moves fast and talks a lot.

Friday, February 20, 2009

McWane Center

Here are more shots from our adventure to the McWane Center on Tuesday.  I may have had more fun than Owen!  We have a membership now, so just let us know when you want us to meet you there.

They have a four-story playground!  I was too scared to let Owen go in alone, so I humiliated myself by trying to squeeze through all the tiny spaces with him.  I'm pretty sure I was the only parent in there, but I bet I got better photos than they did too.

Owen and Solomon (who is only four months older but about the size of two Owens)

Nope... still doesn't look as big as Solomon.

The water trough was a BIG hit.  I don't think his shoes finally dried until yesterday.

And a few videos.  I hate the sound of my voice so much that I don't talk on them anymore, but I think these guys probably could have used more sound.  They come across a little lame (well except for the adorable baby in them, of course).

Back on Monday with Owen's latest stats from his 15-month check-up.  In the meantime, we're going to enjoy having DD & Coach here with us!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soul O

This one goes out to all the Star Wars-lovin' Stevens men.  Fear not.  I used the giant pin art display at the McWane Science Center to capture his image, not carbonite.  And besides, I'd never be a sellout like Lando...

I planned a longer post, but from the sound of it, the little guy has woken early from his nap.  Catch you guys tomorrow!

Friday, February 13, 2009


One more video before tomorrows sad goodbye. :o(

One more time...

Remember this... We tried it again...

And if this video will load for you- you will be happy. As for where he is playing the piano... that will have to remain a secret until 12-12-09.

A Baaaaa Day

What a day!! We woke up and visited the cows outside my front door. Then we met Uncle Joe at the Animal Kingdom to visit some animals!

You'll see by the first video that we were so excited to go see the animals that Owen practiced his petting on Uncle Joe last night!

The second video is Owen reaching for the goat's backside. The goats backside was busy at the moment thus the "Oh Oh Oh dear" by Mommy and the "Bahhhhhh" from Mr. Goat. It was hilllarrious! Wish you could have been there to laugh with me!

We had such a good day! I am so blessed to have my big sister and my pooh bear here visiting! We are off to mine and Joey's favorite Italian food bistro for dinner!

Happy Valentines Day to all from Aunt Rebecca! xoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Post from Aunt Rebecca

Joey was anticipating Owens arrival so he could teach him the nanerpuss dance. The next morning Joe got crafty and made Owen his very own nanerpuss!!

Bath time was equally as fun! The tub turned out to be so big for Little O that Shelley and Uncle Joe had to surround him to keep him from swimming away!

We spent the afternoon in Publix cruising the aisles looking for Tiger Woods daughter Sam. Rumor has it the Wood's family has been sited shopping here and we couldn't pass up a chance to play match maker and make Scott proud!

The fun is just beginning we are planning an Epcot stroll in the morning, Joe's softball game tonight, and a least one picture with cows and fireworks before Saturdays departure!

Don't be Jealous- xoxo,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spoon me

This may be one of my all-time favorite Owen videos.  His expressions say it better than he could if he was able to talk.

Owen and I are off to Orlando tonight for a visit with Aunt Becky and Uncle Joe.  I chose the 7:35 PM flight hoping that he would just go on to sleep for the night.  Cross your fingers for me!

Maybe I'll get Aunt Becky to do a guest post while we're there.  If not, see you next week! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Kitty!

Look what mean ol' Greta did to sweet O.

As her defense attorney, I would point out that he did sneak up on her while she was napping in the closet.

But as her prosecutor, I would share that Greta has never liked Owen and that she also pooped on the laundry room floor this morning.

I leave her fate in your hands.  What say you?

Everyday Owen: Winter Static

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I chose this one because you can see his new molar (and an incisor beginning to peek through, if you pic click).  No snide mullet comments will be tolerated!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Write your own caption

Why is Owen riding in the car in the middle of winter sans clothing?  (Sorry about the camera phone picture quality...)