Tuesday, March 19, 2013

White Sox Opening Night

Owen has his first game of the season tonight, and those Dodgers are going down!

...nevermind that they don't keep score in t-ball.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss & Beck Beck

How am I just now realizing that my spunky baby sister and Dr. Seuss have the same birthday?  It's almost poetic... in that Seussian kinda way.

 Owen celebrated at school yesterday by dressing up as the Cat in the Hat, and then I tried a little too hard when I made these after-school playdate snacks from crackers, cheese and sausage.  Their photo smiles evaporated into concerned looks when I put the camera down and looked at them like I actually expected them to eat the things.  Should've stuck to red gummy Life Savers and vanilla icing, like Pinterest told me to.

I discovered it's hard to find a picture of Rebecca and Owen where she's not being a total goofball.  Same goes for pictures of Rebecca with Jennifer (You two better be nice- I've got some that are blackmail material.  Remember the purple leopard print lace scarf from two Christmasses ago?  Yeah.)

This last one says it all about my little sister who's having a milestone birthday today.  Arms wide open. We love you Speck!
Last image found here.