Wednesday, August 6, 2008


...delivering Aunt Becky's order for some Owen laughter.

And trivia from Owen's 9th month:
  • Cut two teeth (and judging from the quantity of snot he's producing, the arrival of his top teeth seems imminent)
  • Has mastered crawling
  • Pulls up (and cruises a little)
  • Prefers the tags on his toys to the actual toys themselves
  • Current Favorite food:  Summer Vegetables 
  • Most Loathsome food:  Bananas (fresh or from the jar...go figure)
  • When excited about a toy, he takes a knee, holds the object up in the air and flaps his arms wildly like he's performing some sort of Native American bird dance
  • Enjoys combining bullet items 1 & 3 by sneaking up behind me, pulling up on my leg and biting into my calf

ps Scott's comment in the video about getting hair all over Owen?  
    He'd just had a haircut.


Kari said...

How cute!!!!! He is just doing more and growing so fast!! Love the blogs!!! Tell Owen Ms. Kari says hi and tell Scott I said hi also.


Rebecca Davenport said...

Joe would like to request a video of the entire list of Owens 9 month accomplishments! I would like the bird dance personally!

Coach said...

I have been showing off Owen's pictures from this summer to my staff members and all of them agree he is so cute and growing so fast. I love to see his smile and hear him laugh. He has accomplished so much in nine months of life and will accomplish so much more. I am so proud of you, Scott and Owen and can't wait until I can see all of you again. Love, Coach (Daddy)

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there!! I miss him soooooooooo much! See you in a few weeks though. I love this video.

pb said...

I love his giggle! So cute. Can't wait to hear it in person. Love you much.

Vivi said...

Love, love, love watching precious Owen in action and I equally love your witty commentary. I don't usually laugh out loud when I read anything on my computer screen, but I find myself giggling audibly when I read your blog entries. Is that wierd?

Rebecca Davenport said...

Can I have a new post!? Sorry I know you are a busy mommy but I am having withdrawals.