Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Love Homewood Day

It makes me giddy to live somewhere that sets aside a whole day for its residents to show their little town some love.  Sappy?  Yes.  Right up my alley?  Of course!  We missed the mid-day festivities that included BBQ and hot air balloon rides in the park, but we made it to the parade and street dance tonight.

Someone help me out if I'm wrong, but I think this was Owen's first parade to spectate.  He caught some beads (no flashing necessary in Homewood) and exactly two pieces of candy.  And unlike his father who still flinches a little at the sight of them, Owen hit it off with the clowns, even dancing with one at the street dance to R. Kelly's Ignition Remix.  It was a bit of a Twilight Zone moment.

As for what Owen thought of all the parade commotion?


Grandma DD said...

Those little eyes were taking it all in!! First parade! Go Sappy!!! I love it!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness. He looks a little terrified. :( I want to pick him up and kiss his head!!

Kari Anne said...

He did good. He did look a little terrified as his Aunt Jenn said, but at least he didn't scream and cry (like Karson did). He was probably thinking...what on Earth are those people doing??

Coach said...

He looks like he is really into it.
You may have a musician on your hands as well. I don't think anything got passed him without him noticing it. He is so alert!!Love, Grandpa Coach