Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everyday Owen: Name that nursery rhyme


Grandma DD said...

Little Jack Horner!! Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a WHAT???? I can't tell what is on it. It looks like a raspberry. LOL Thanks for the post. I sure do miss him.

Coach said...

Well, Grandma DD beat me again by about 30 minutes and she is right with her guess. The kindergarten teachers read nursery rhymes to their students the first 20 minutes of school every morning since they cannot read themselves yet. Later in the year, some of them learn to read by themsleves. Grandpa Coach

Joe said...

The correct answer is "Little Stinker Owen":

Little stinker Owen
has raspberries on his thumbs
chocolate on his face
and candy on his bum

Take off his shoes
You'll notice red strawberry toes
Tasty blueberry elbows
And a Boysenberry nose

But Momma shouldn't worry
Go ahead and laugh
Just toss him right in the tub
Because Owen loves his bath

Look out for tomorrow
What will Owen get in then?
Lemon pies or Reese's Cups?
He'll look just like Pig Pen

His jumps, dances, and his hops
Could be the cutest things
It probably won't be too long
Until the Little Stinker sings

Thanks for the entertainment
It's really been a blast
Let's see the Little Stinker
Before too much time has past

Grandma DD said...

Now I am truly impressed! We have another poet in the family. Joe, that was precious and you really have some talent! Becky got her a jewel in you!

Shelley & Scott said...

Way to go Joe! Owen is already in bed for the night, but I'll read it to him tomorrow.