Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Owen!!

Scott and I took Owen out for lunch and ice cream to celebrate his birthday today.

At Newk's, we all ordered pizza and then took a table near the back corner. After sitting there a few minutes, I said to Scott, "Tom Kite is sitting at the table next to us."

I am infamous for my poor doppelganger finds. Scott has put up with them for so long that he usually doesn't even bother to look anymore when I say I see someone who looks just like Axl Rose, only with a crew cut and a tan. Today, however, he looked.

"Shelley, that really is Tom Kite."

"I know it really is Tom Kite, Scott."

He was having lunch and conversation with his family so we opted to pass on the photo op. Of course, even if he had been standing on a street corner looking alone and bored, Scott and I would probably have been too chicken to approach him. Oh well.

After lunch we went to Yogurt Mountain, where you take a tub the size of your head and fill it with all the yogurt and toppings you are willing to pay by the ounce for. Owen chose cake dough yogurt with sprinkles, Teddy Grahams and Nilla Wafers. (Scott went for sour apple with Heath bar, which I think is the YM version of a suicide... ick.)

Listen real close at the beginning of the video and you'll hear Owen say, "Happy birthday to you." Listen even closer and you'll hear me whispering to Scott to get Owen to say it again. Fat chance.

Here's your annual homework assignment: What is your favorite memory of Owen from this past year? Respond by leaving a comment, sending an e-mail or even snail mail. I'll save them for Owen to read someday. Thanks!


Grandma DD said...

My favorite memory is when he called me "DD" for the first time. My heart melted and that's when I knew I had really become a grandma!!! AND . . . when he reached for me the first time was also priceless!!!!! Thanks Shelley and Scott for the best gift ever!!

Jennifer said...

My favorite memory is when I was the only Aunt that Owen knew and he called Becky by my name...Nen-Nee. But then Becky ruined it by teaching him to call me and her Beck-Beck...and now I no longer exist. :(

But other favorite memory is staying at your house in June and having him wake me up and crawl onto the guest bed with me. And our weekend in Houston at the Children's Museum and Little Big's Sliders.

Aunt Nana said...

My favorite memory is when he decided to play with me at Memaw's and Grandad's. I would chase him and he would run from me while laughing. I love his cute little smile and laugh.

Coach said...

Hey Owen, this is Grandpa Coach!! My favorite memories are when you get off the airplane and see me and come running for me to pick you up. You raise your hands looking up at me and say, Up, Up. My other favorite is when you visit me in Crosby and look out the door and say outside, outside? You always seemed to say things twice. You love the outdoors: the dogs, the planes, the trains, the birds, peaco, etc. I guess in a nutshell you could say my favorite thing about you is you. Grandpa Coach