Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Weekend

Thanks for coming to visit us Jenn!

And Owen has figured out the "J" sound, so she is NeeNee no more.  Just try to call her that in his presence and he will restate your entire sentence for you with Jen-nee inserted instead.


Anonymous said...

So happy Jen got to come up for a visit! I'm so jealous!!

Kari Anne said...

He looks like he had fun with his Aunt Jen-Nee...and it looks like Jen had just as much fun!

Coach said...

It was a surprise when we heard Jennifer was on her way to visit. So glad she was able to go and get some time alone with all of you. She always has such a great time with Owen. She will miss being called Nen-nee. He is picking up the sounds of letters quickly. As I said, you might want to check with Neuhaus and see if you can purchase a tape on the correct way to teach the letter sounds. It has changed some since all of us were in school. I guess this is the old kindergarten principal coming out in me.