Monday, January 17, 2011

Ikea is my playground

Scott and I made our semiannual pilgrimage to the Swedish megastore yesterday.  I'm sure I would feel more jaded about it if we had one within a hundred miles of us, but I triple heart Ikea.  For the last two weeks, my bedtime ritual has been to walk the virtual aisles of Ikea compiling my online shopping list and drifting off to sleep while visions of haloed A's and clever storage solutions waltzed in my head.

With pro advice from my s-i-l Sarah and the help of our handyman Tim, we are fixing up Owen's bathroom and our laundry room.  Hopefully we'll have some after pictures to share in a week or so.  All those boxes you see on Scott's cart up there are for countertops and cabinets.  We did some serious (yet still pretty amazingly affordable) shopping, but we underestimated all the cargo space those boxes would require (see photo Exhibits A and B below).  I have a slight crick in my neck from wearing a butcher block countertop on my head like a French beret for the 2.5 hour ride home, but there is no greater source of shallow happiness for me than driving toward home with a carload of Ikea goodness.

Owen didn't make the trip with us.  Scott's parents were gracious enough to loan us their Honda Pilot and keep Owen for the day.  Every time I heard a kid throw a tantrum on the next aisle over, I sent up a prayer of gratitude for my in-laws.  And since Owen barely turned his head to look at us when we got back home, I think he had a pretty fantastic day too.

The only bummer for me was that they didn't have one of these in stock for our laundry room.  To any of you lucky ducks who have an Ikea near your house, I'll send you a gift card with enough to cover the cost of it AND get something for yourself too!


Anonymous said...

You do know you aren't supposed to bring the toys home from the playground, right? (We love IKEA too...can't make a trip to Atlanta without coming home with a new storage option!!)

Grandma DD said...

Do you want me to make a trip to IKEA to see if it is there? Then I can ship the E B Swanson Supply Store sign too. Glad you had a day off!! xoxoxo

Shelley & Scott said...

Nancy and I are scheming to go in June, Christine. Hope you can join us!

Thanks for the offer Mom! Don't make a special trip though. Just if you find yourself nearby. Can't wait to get Papa's sign hung up in our new laundry room!

Coach said...

Wish we still had some of the old Davenport's Exxon signs around as well. Did you buy the bed you were looking at in IKEA when you were here? As your mother said, we have a store close to us and we can help if you need us to.