Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with O

September 2011

O:  Hurry! Hurry!  C'mon Dad c'mon Dad.  We gotta help Darth Vader!

Me (seizing the opportunity to inject a good vs. evil discussion into playtime):  Why are you helping Darth Vader, Owen?

O:  'Cause Mawwwm, he's out of town and he needs me to guard his ship.  He had to go to It-a-wee.

Me:  So... you're the Death Star house sitter?

O:   ???

O:  C'mon Dad.  Daaaaad!  Let's get them.  Let's knock 'em out!

Me (still not giving up):  Why do you have to hit them?  Can't you just try to talk to them about it first?

He gives me this look, like Seriously Mom?  Whoever heard of a pacifist with a lightsaber?


Anonymous said...

So cute! I miss these conversation posting. They're my favorite. Post more.

Rebecca Davenport said...

I agree- I love the conversation posts!!

Coach said...

It is odd how things have changed over the years from cowboys and Indians fighting to outer space fighting. And, we did not have any conversations with our moms during our play-time, which may have been something we missed according to what is taught today on how children learn. Keep these conversation blogs coming.