Monday, June 4, 2012

Outdoor happenings

Owen made a friend while we were out walking in our woods today.  That first photo disturbs me a bit because Owen's holding the little guy like a cheeseburger he's about to devour.  I think the turtle was wandering and out of sorts from the big storm we had yesterday.  The storm had us out of sorts for a bit too.

Luckily this pin oak only dealt a glancing blow to our house.  It was wild sitting in the living room and watching that thing come down out side the window.  The insurance company will be out tomorrow to check out where it damaged our covered porch, roof and gutters.  Fingers crossed that they will cover most of it!


Jennifer said...

Gosh, Owen looks so darn cute! This may be one of his cutest ages. I can't wait to see him! 18 days!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have this aggravation! One more thing on the To Do list. I'm so glad he is into critters. He IS my grandson!! I need to buy him some meal worms. ;0)