Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colorado Critters

After our hike at St. Vrain, we came home to discover signs that a critter visited the house while we were out (stuff knocked over, little poops in the master bathtub, pee on my suitcase... ). We checked the house thoroughly, discovered a window without a screen, crossed our fingers that our visitor let itself out the way it came in, and went about our business of playing cards/watching Euro Cup soccer.

About half an hour later, from where I'm playing cards in the kitchen, I hear the soccer bunch erupt and even see a few of them jump up on the couch.  My first thought:  England scored a goal.  

Not exactly.

The brave among us (ie. not the ones who are still up on the couch) set out to liberate one petrified juvenile chipmunk.

Strategy 1:  I'll corner him, pick him up with a towel and put him outside.

Result:  Fail.  I get the chipmunk shiver when he springs from the towel, runs up my right arm, down my left and leaves me holding only the tippy tip of his tail.  Which is no longer attached to the rest of him.

Strategy 2:  Coax him outside with a trail of peanut butter crackers.

Result:  Fail.  Chipmunks lose their appetite when in fear for their life; rabbits, however, love free dinner and a show.

Strategy 3:  Joe will corner him in the closet, pick him up by (the rest of) his tail and deposit him outside.

Result:  Phew... success

These last photos are courtesy of Joe too, since he found these antlers while hiking behind the house.  Definitely more fun to make your own Colorado critter than to be visited by real ones.
Rebecca + Jennifer; Coach + DD; Owen


Anonymous said...

I am loving your posts. I miss y'all so much! XOXOXOX

Coach said...

What great memories! As I have said many times and it is posted on the wall in a painting in my front office, "To be in somebody's memory tomorrow, you have to be in their life today". I am so thankful I have all of you to be in my memories.