Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Visitors

Owen had two first-time visitors to his house today.  This morning his Great Grandmother, or GG as Owen will know her, came to see him, and he took a nice long nap in her arms after they played on the floor a little while.  Then this afternoon he had his first play date!  Owen and I have been going on afternoon walks with my neighbor Amanda and her 7-month-old Solomon, but the weather kept us indoors today (wind chill in the teens and dusting snow).  Of course it was just like that commercial where the moms are laughing and having a great time and then the camera pans to a row of babies sacked out in their car seats.  The boys' only real interaction occurred just before the above photo was taken when Owen tipped sideways and bonked Solomon in the side of the head.  
Owen's Grandmother Kimeran was here today too and I got a great video of her with him.  But unfortunately I held the camera sideways when I took it, and it seems videos don't rotate as easily pictures do.  I followed the instructions on my Mac's help menu right up until it asked me to pay $29.99.  I figure each of you can send me a dollar or we can all just turn our heads 90 degrees left.  Let me know what you decide!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet! His first neighborhood playmate. I am so happy for both you and Owen. You need a picture of Kimeran and Bill on here -- Drew too! Get some of those Valentine suit pictures on . . . please. Can't wait to see them.