Sunday, February 3, 2008


Owen is a quarter of a year old today!  This is just a quick post to document the occasion.  He spent the weekend getting acquainted with his Texas Greats and his Aunt Nana.  Coach came too, and we all had a wonderful time.    Then we followed that up with not one, but two Super Bowl parties tonight.  Be looking for another post about this weekend in a day or two.  Right now we're going to go get some rest and recover from all of the excitement!    


Anonymous said...

I just get sooooooo excited when I see him. I could just eat him up and kiss him to death. He is so sweet and precious. You two are GREAT parents.

pb said...

Shelley and Scott
We loved getting to know Owen. He is a doll. I loved how he tried to talk to me. Thanks so much for the wonderful time. You are such a gracious hostess. We loved the meal that you so loving made for all of us. I truly enjoyed my visit with all of you. I can hardly wait til all of you come here for a visit. Love you much!
Aunt Pam

Rebecca Davenport said...

What! He is talking to Aunt Nana? And he is almost sitting up by himself? And he looks so much older. He looks like a new little man! I can't wait til March 7.Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want him now.