Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking News!

Owen started rolling over!  It happened for the first time yesterday evening when his Grandmother and Granddad were taking care of him, and I missed it!  But Owen was kind enough to repeat his performance today.  In fact, now I can't get him to stay on his stomach anymore - he just keeps flopping on over. 

Owen's sleeping habits have had me on a roller coaster lately.  He'll go on a sleep strike for a few days...then make it up to me by sleeping through the night for a few days...then he's back on strike again.  I've read that babies' sleep patterns can become erratic when they're on the verge of a milestone, so I guess Owen has just been up at night plotting how to get from his stomach to his back.  I hate to think of the bags I'm going to have under my eyes when he learns to walk!


Anonymous said...

Now he is truly a "Rockin" and "Rollin" Baby. This is wonderful. Now he can sleep on his belly????? Full nights sleep.

Jennifer said...

You're so adorable! Must be where Owen gets it from. Love you so much!!

Kari said...

OH THAT'S GREAT OWEN!!!!! Don't keep mom and dad up too many nights in a row! Growing TOO FAST!!! CONGRATS on rolling over!!! I was so happy when Karson did all of her first (even though - like you - I wasn't the first one to witness all of them)!! Have a great weekend!!!!!