Friday, July 10, 2009

San Diego: Last of the pics

The following is random commentary that has nothing to do with San Diego...

Like a lot of your techno gadgets I'm sure, my computer and phone have this sometimes nifty, sometimes annoying word recognition feature where they try to guess what I'm typing before I can finish typing it. I appreciate the time it saves me when I'm purchasing something online and can avoid manually typing all my personal info (no worries Honey - I usually almost hardly ever autosave our credit card info). But then I'll turn around and fall victim to the T9 feature on my cell phone. Say I'm running late and, without looking, I send Scott the message "Be home soon!" He gets a text from me saying "Be good room!", and now he's thinking I haven't come home yet because I'm off somewhere having a stroke.

This morning Owen had a very minor developmental breakthrough, something only Scott and I could possibly get excited about, and I decided to send Scott a quick e-mail to let him know. Right before I clicked "Send" I noticed that who I'm thinking of when I type S-C-O-T... and who the computer thinks I'm thinking of are very different people. I nearly informed our neighbor Scott Sutton- via his office e-mail, no less -that Owen went tee tee in the potty.


Grandma DD said...

Laughing so hard I nearly peed in my pants. That would not have been good.

Yeah, Owen! I knew he was close to being potty trained because he was so aware of body functions while in San Diego. I loved the "squat-in-the-floor-to-hide" job on the airplane! (he-he) Love the post. Thanks

LOL -- My code word for logging in is "peez"tdro. So appropriate.

Rebecca Davenport said...

Correction- Rebecca said he looks like Brad Pitt! Love yall! Proud of him for going tee tee!