Friday, July 24, 2009

Want to hear my excuse this time?

Today was the first day this week I didn't have to clean up puke, and that's only because Scott cleaned it up for me instead. Coby has pancreatitis (originally diagnosed as terminal cancer on Monday by an obviously demented emergency veterinarian) so Owen and I spent Sunday through Wednesday going from emergency vet to regular vet to specialist vet back to regular vet. Bottom line on Coby: he pukes a lot and costs us a lot of money but he shouldn't be dying anytime soon.

After our last vet run on Wednesday, I decided to take Owen to McWane Center to make up for all the developmental time he'd been wasting in cat-kitsch-filled waiting rooms. It rained on Wednesday, which meant every summer camp within 3 counties decided to dump their kids (and their germs) off there. By Thursday morning, Owen was puking too.

Where does one shop for some of that sawdust stuff that elementary school janitors use?


Grandma DD said...

Bless all of your hearts!!! Poor Coby! I knew something had to be going on. Hope today goes better!! Love you all! Thanks for the post.

Coach said...

I feel so bad for all of you!! Coby and I have a close bond from the time he was a small cat when he used to jump up outside our kitchen window in the mornings and I would go out the front door and feed him, keeping all of the other cats infested with FIV away from him. He has always been one to battle and not give in. He is tough and will survive for a long time. Monday I will go visit the maintenance department in our school district and see where they order the stuff they pour on the vomit to clean it up and email it back to you. In the mean time I hope things get much better for you and we will see you this weekend. Grandpa Coach