Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conversations with Owen

SCENE-- The Target parking lot just after sunset.

DADDY-- Where is the sun Owen? It was up there when we went inside, but where did it go?

OWEN-- Sun went time out, Daddy.

SCENE-- OWEN's room at nap time. (Coincidentally also the time he realizes he has a million questions to ask.) DADDY has gone downstairs to lower the thermostat setting because OWEN's room is hot as blazes.

OWEN-- Daddy go turn heat off, huh Mommy? Daddy turn off heat?

MOMMY-- That's right. Daddy went to turn off the heat.

OWEN-- Where heat go?

MOMMY-- It doesn't go anywhere, honey. It's just off.

OWEN-- Where heeeeat go, Mommy?

MOMMY-- I don't know what you're asking baby. The heat's just stopped.

OWEN-- Where heeeeat gooooo, Mommy?

MOMMY-- Ummm... heat rises? Heat goes up? I don't know.

OWEN-- No Mommy, heat go night, night.

MOMMY-- You mean you knew the answer all along?

OWEN giggles.

SCENE-- Repeated throughout every single day (with a few specific examples thrown in).

OWEN-- Whadat, Mommy?

Whadat part, Daddy?

Whadat do, Daddy?

Whaaaadat no-ise, Mommy?

OWEN-- Whadat, Mommy?
MOMMY-- That's cake. It's a piece of cake.

OWEN-- What cake do, Mommy?

MOMMY-- Well, it makes Mommy fat.

OWEN-- (Giggling) Cake make Mommy fat! Cake make Mommy FAT!!!

OWEN-- Whadat, Mommy?
MOMMY-- That's a fly.

OWEN-- What fly do, Mommy?

MOMMY-- Well, that fly doesn't do anything- it's dead. Can you put it down, please?


OWEN-- Whadat, Daddy?
DADDY-- That's soup. Mommy made soup for dinner.

OWEN-- Dat's poup, Daddy.

DADDY-- Sssssss. Soup.

OWEN-- Poup.

Dat poup hot, Daddy?

What poup do, Daddy? What poup dooooooo?

OWEN-- Whadat, Mommy?
MOMMY-- Aww- you know what that is honey. It's your stuffed giraffe.

OWEN-- Whadat part Mommy?

MOMMY-- That's his eyes

OWEN-- Whadat part Mommy?

MOMMY-- Umm. I think those are his antlers?

OWEN-- (Lifting the giraffe's tail and pointing under it.) Whadat part Mommy?



SCENE-- Nap time today.
OWEN-- Whaaaaadat no-ise, Mommy?
MOMMY-- That's the heat going off.

OWEN-- Where heat go, Mommy?

MOMMY-- (Smiling to herself and feeling wise.) Heat go night, night honey.

OWEN-- Heat go night, night.

(OWEN takes contemplative pause.)


Where heat's bed?


Jennifer said...

I can't wait for him to ask me lots of questions next weekend!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Grandma DD said...

This is great! I love this time in a child's life. Inquisitive and full of questions. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

LOL my word verification is tomboobe. What's that mama?

Kristy said...

So cute! I am so glad you have written all these down for him some day! I would love to hear a conversation between him and my Mike!

Shelley & Scott said...

Hey Kristy!

The giraffe I reference is the one you sent him when he was born. He sleeps with it every day and every night. I think I'm supposed to have an emergency back-up for security items like that. If I send you money will you get him another one? ;)

Coach said...

I,too, would love to have a list of some of the first conversations you had when you were Owen's age. I know you must have been just as inquisitive as him if not more. Like your mom said, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us, otherwise we would not know all of these things. You are a wonderful mother!

Raimie said...

I enjoy your blog so much... Enjoy everyday with Lil O!