Saturday, December 5, 2009


It snowed overnight-- our first snow here on Viking Circle.

So why is Owen absent from these picturesque scenes?

He didn't want to get his new galoshes icky.


Grandma DD said...

Looks like you got the same amount of snow as we did. I know it had to be a beautiful scene looking out your back window. DD has just got to get that boy out in the ditches crawfishing and making mudpies. Dirt don't hurt. Love ya!!

Jennifer said...

Yay! He likes his rain boots!! :)

Jennifer said...

p.s. This looks like a scene from Papa's backyard. I love it!

Coach said...

He will grow out of all of this and you won't be able to keep him clean and out of things before long. Like I e-mailed you Friday, I knew the snow was on it's way and the view behind your house would be beautiful. You will get more before the winter is over. It is still early. Maybe a white Christmas!! Grandpa Coach