Monday, January 4, 2010

How we spent the rest of Christmas

DD, Coach and Jen (who Owen is pretty consistently referring to now as Neenee) drove over from Texas on Christmas Day in a record-setting 9 hours. I will never drive to Texas again unless Jennifer is my chauffeur!

We were able to enjoy Christmas dinner with them, along with Scott's parents and grandmother GG. Yes, Owen has a DD, Mimi, GG and now a Neenee. The lesson? If you want Owen to call you by name, find a syllable with a long E, say it, then repeat.

We spent most of our time just visiting and enjoying being together, but I was also a bad hostess and put them to work while they were here. We primed all the paneling and wallpaper in the living room, so farewell 70s! It kind of looks like the video below was made in a hospital waiting room, huh?

Before......................................After the before, but before the after (that pic to come later!)


Grandma DD said...

I forgot you took this video! He is so precious! Kiss him for me!

Jennifer said...

OMG. Boy cannot jump! Made me laugh. I LOVE IT! Please tell him to keep trying and send me videos. LOVE YOU!

Kari Anne said...

Cute video! Jenn - he has your eyes! Great picture of the two of you!

Rebecca Davenport said...

I love him! I can't jump either so don't feel bad Owen!

Coach said...

This ws probably one of the most relaxing trips we have taken to Birmingham. It waas such a comfort to ride in the trail blazer and leave the driving to Jennifer on the way there. It took us 9 hours to get there and 11to get home without Jennifer helping us drive. That was mainly because we took a different route home. On the way we took I-10 to New Orleans and then up to Birmingham and on the way home we took I-20 to Shreveport to visit Donna's uncles. That made it a little longer drive. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Scott and Shelley and of course Owen and we loved helping Shelley
putting Kiltz on the walls so she could finish painting when she gets the time. I wish we would have had the time to finish it all for her. Owen was trying so hard to learn how to jump. One thing about him is he won't give up until he accomplishes the task he starts.