Monday, November 8, 2010

We got trashed this weekend

Owen and I just had leftover party food for lunch, and we are still in our pajamas.  The decorations are still (pretty much) hanging, and there are new toys everywhere.  But it was so worth it.  I think Owen really enjoyed his party on Saturday, and we are grateful to our generous friends and family who helped us put it all together and helped us celebrate!

Owen's cake was all mashed up and kinda yucky, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  A few sweet grubby fingers may have gotten in there before I could serve it up!

I borrowed several ideas for the party from Pink Peppermint.  The idea for the dumpster was inspired by this smaller version.  I originally planned to have the party outside with the newspaper decorations hanging from the trees, but it was just too cold and we were forced to stage everything in our groovy dungeon instead.  We tried to heat the small patio just off of the basement so the kids could play with the radioactive slime I made from cornstarch and water, but the cold weather left the slime nearly frozen.  I guess I'll have to resurrect that idea next summer.  I also filled a small garbage can with shredded magazine pages and hidden tattoos, stickers and crazy bands.  What a glorious mess!

Basement before and after:


Rebecca Davenport said...

I love it!! Everything turned out so good! Those chair covers outside have radio active labels on them? The cake is still my fav idea! Owen looks like he had a blast!

Aunt Pam said...

Looks like Owen had a blast with all the trash! LOL Good job! Love you.

Grandma DD said...

Precious memories!!! I'm so glad Coach and DD got to enjoy the party!! Shelley you are the perfect little mommy! Owen is very lucky and someday he will realize it and let you know!! I miss all of you and wish I just lived around the corner!

Coach said...

I was so glad to be able to bring your mother to the party and to see her eyes light up at the sight of all that went on. Thank you so much for including us and tell Scott thank you for allowing me to be a part of his dad's celebration.
The party was a huge success and the hostess and host were what made it so good. Owen is such a good playmate with his friends. What made me the proudest was seeing what my three daughters did together to make the party happen.

kristy said...

Great party, mommy! Love the cake! I am sure it will be an event Owen will always remember.