Friday, December 3, 2010

Tooth & Consequences

Just sending out a little pun love.  You know who you are.

Owen had his first trip to the dentist on Wednesday, and that place knows how to cater to kids- free arcade, train table, toy room, token machines.  Owen came home with a whole bag of swag.

So even though I was about a year late scheduling his first check-up, his teeth got good reviews.  Naturally, as the son of a formerly buck-toothed mother and headgear-wearing father, Owen has orthodontics in his future, but for now we'll just enjoy his membership in the No Sugar Bug Club.

And how do you reward a kid for having such a great trip to the dentist?

You shut his hand in the (hinge side!!! of the) car door when you arrive home, and then tell him he'll need to get back in the car so you can drive him to the pediatrician's office for game two of his doctor double header.

I hereby nominate myself for Best Performance by a Woman in a Mothering Role.  

Who would like to second my nomination?


Grandma DD said...

That was very punny! Thanks for thinking of me. Nice dentist office. Love you much!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Oh geez! Any broken bones?? Did he get a treat after all this- I hope? Some good Buzz and Woody time in front of the tv??

Aunt Pam said...

shelley, don't feel too bad,
Ralph did something similar to Chad when we went on vacation to
San Antonio. He slammed the trunk down on his fingers, he paniced and couldn't get the trunk back open. The hotel valet had to open it. The hotel sent a paramedic up to our room. His fingers were not broken just badly bruised. We felt bad too. Sometimes things just happen.
Glad his dental appt real well. Love you and hugs to Owen.