Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two steps forward...

We were getting ready to go somewhere Monday, and Owen went and got his shoes and put them on entirely by himself.  We've worked with him on it before and had him help with little parts of the process, but this was the first time he thought ahead, took the initiative and saw it through from toe to heel to velcro.  He even guessed right about which foot was left and which was right.  Knowing he'd done something out of the 'big boy' realm, his eyes lit up and he asked: 

Aren't you soooo happy Mommy?!!

Then this morning when I wanted him to start getting dressed, I reminded him in a very motherly manipulative kind of way that he was a big boy and didn't he remember how he'd put on his own shoes just the other day?

In a tone so reminiscent of Bill Lumbergh I thought he was going to ask me for a TPS report, Owen says:

Mmm... yeah...  I'm not going to do that anymo'.

PS:  Happy Birthday Beck Beck!


Grandma DD said...

Velcro was not around when you were a baby! You are so lucky. WTG Owen. DD is so proud of you!!

Aunt Pam said...

I love it! That Owen makes me laugh! Hugs to all! said...

Do you think any of us will ever be able to get the best of him when it comes to what he will say or do next?
I kinda hope not. It is too much fun his way.