Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art Story

I finished painting the dining room walls white a few nights ago, so I headed out yesterday to look for colorful art to hang on them and found the above cow painting.  Bugs had crawled inside the frame and even had the nerve to die right there between the glass and the mat in plain sight.  Ew.  But I was curious about the artist, so I did a quick Google search that revealed a promising lead.  So I shot off a quick e-mail and in (literally) 2 minutes got this response:

You are a good sleuth!  Thank you so much for finding me!
That, indeed, is my painting.  It is acrylic on paper. 

How fun this is for me!  I wonder how it got to an antique store in Birmingham.

My name is Louise Bourne.  Here's my website, which is maybe how you found me:
There, you will find a current resume and work, including recent cow paintings!  

I live in Maine, where your new acquisition was painted.  May you enjoy it.


Louise Bourne

We exchanged several more e-mails, and I learned this painting was done fairly early in her career.  She even mentioned that she forwarded my photos of her painting to her New York City curator.  She also asked me how much I paid for the painting ("errr... clearly not enough if you're the sort of artist who has a NYC curator") and gave me some solicited advice on how she would reframe it.  When I'm not regretting what a huge time suck the internet can be in my life, I really love how it makes the world smaller and let's us 'meet' interesting people.


Anonymous said...

I love this story!! Be sure to paste the story to the back of the picture for the way-in-the-future owner! ;o)

Rebecca Davenport said...

This is awesome. I love some of her paintings. Good job Shell!

Anonymous said...

And that is anOther reason why you are our coolest friend! I love this story!!

Liz said...

Ditto Christine!!!

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks friends and fam! I'm looking down at my sandaled feet right now realizing I've got only 80% of my toes painted. I omitted my pinky toes yesterday in an attempt to shave a few minutes off my Sunday-morning routine since they didn't show. But they've been showing all around town today. Real cool ;)

Coach said...

You seem to meet so many interesting people and in doing so you always make them feel good about themselves. That is a talent in itself.