Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Dump: from Owen's camera

Celebrating my birthday last night with a strawberry cupcake (thanks Amanda!).  
And thanks to everyone who called, texted, visited.  It's really nice to have a special day!

Other photos I found on Owen's (i.e. our really old) camera when uploading the ones above.  So interesting to see what he thinks is documentable.

Owen told me he wanted to make me a necklace for my birthday, so we shaped and baked polymer clay to make some beads.  I copied a few designs I've seen around lately, and Owen made the 'quarter' that's hanging in the middle.  It's got his fingerprints all mashed into it, and I love it!  And in dining room progress:  the primer is going on the walls and I think I found a rug.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. The walls are looking great! What did Scott think? I love your necklaces too. Good job Owen.

Jennifer said...

I love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. Love you lots!!!

Jennifer said...

And I love your dress!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Love the dress!! Owens does take good photos!

Coach said...

Looks like talent may run in your family.