Wednesday, September 12, 2012

See you Tuesday!

They're being Jay from LEGO Ninjago (who, coincidentally, has never been known to fire a golf umbrella from the back of his Mommy's SUV).

We're heading out to enjoy the last of summer at the beach, so see you in four or five days!

A conversation I had with Owen last night after we got home from t-ball practice, where one of the kids goes by the nickname 'Porkchop' (hold on... that will seem relevant in a second):

Me:  Hey O-Bear.  Come brush your teeth and get ready for bed, please.

O:  It's just 'Owen'.

Me:  Oh... you mean you don't want me to call you O-Bear anymore?

O:  Well... it's just... cute (wrinkles his nose)

Guess I need to find something meatier sounding.  Sniff, sniff.


Anonymous said...

Hewill always be O bear and little man to all of us!! Sniff sniff sniff for sure!!!

Coach said...

His nick-name will come when any of us least expects it. Something will happen at school or on the field and a friend or coach will say something and it will stick. At different times in sports at school I was called lightening, ape arms, etc.