Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worse before better

Mercy!  This is what you get when you start poking and prodding a 45-year-old house.  Turns out we essentially had painted mulch for window sashes.  Our house is full of so many holes right now it would go well with pastrami on rye.  But we'll get there!

The upside is that is been in the 60s and 70s all day, and with all the windows opened and getting prepped for painting it smells like fall in the house.  I've got to remember how much I love having the windows open on pretty days.

Let me help you get that image of rot out of your brain with a few more pretty pics from the beach:

Owen acted like his Uncle Drew's shadow for most of the trip.  They were pretty cute hanging out together, and I've got about 50 photos to prove it.
Owen also officially learned to swim in the pool at our rental house!  Now if he will just save that knowledge all the way until it's time to bring it out again next summer...


Anonymous said...

Sharp pictures! Can't wait to see the house. Will it be through before the shower?

Shelley & Scott said...

Should be no problem. Seems like a great crew; they've only been here two days and everything is already prepped (minus what a carpenter will need to rebuild) and ready for paint to start tomorrow.

Coach said...

It is amazing what a good carpenter and paint crew can do to make a place look better. It will look brand new before they are finished and you will be so glad you made the changes!