Thursday, October 11, 2012

More t-ball

I'm stinking it up when it comes to blogging lately.  So I'm going to break this dry spell and promise a post for tomorrow too.  Two in one week?  Try to repress the shock.

Lately our lives have consisted of house projects for me, late workdays for Scott and t-ball for Owen. And I figure, of the three, that last one is the one you guys most want to see photo documented.  (But I'll grab my Canon and go embarrass Scott at work if you guys demand it.)

This game, it was Owen's turn to play 1st base.

You know how athletes wear eye black?  Well that little girl had on eye pink (!), and she was good too.  I didn't even care that she was on the other team, I cheered for her every time she batted.  
And Owen was pretty enamored too; he couldn't quit looking at her.  Sorry for the random cell phone arm in the second photo.  That's the dad who coached first base for the other team.  
He kept getting in my shots, and worse, he would get right up on 1st base in Owen's way when Owen was trying to catch the ball.
Ooh wait... I have an idea!

  Just what I was dying to do to the guy for most of the game.  It's like a vanishing deductible.

But enough of my rant.  Let's get back to Owen
 ... who's still staring.

 (l) Scott was 'Dugout Dad' for the day. (r) Owen rotated to pitcher after two innings at first.  
I love the get-up they put on the pitcher, but wearing all that equipment must have made Owen feel like a cat with tape on it's paw.  He just froze.

Every infielder but Owen ran for the first hit of the inning.

And he didn't budge for the second hit either.  Maybe the third time would be a charm?


But he did switch-hit for the first time!  Coach Andy says this is the time to learn since left doesn't feel any more awkward than right at this point.

And for being willing to try something new, Owen earned the game ball!

Look at him searching out Scott in the crowd.  

The End.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm on a cloud with this post. Love all the game pictures. And I think you should go down and embarrass him royally!! I would do it!

pb said...

Looks like a real ball player to me! Go Owen! I would love for you to get Scott too! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures of Owen playing ball.