Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Balloonapallooza Part II

Confetti Balloons

We stabbed confetti-filled balloons with the 'balloon harpoon' at first, but by the end we degenerated to the old-fashioned squash-them-with-your-bum method.  
I put stickers and tattoos inside too, but they had zero interest in picking them up; they must old enough to be outside that demographic now.

Balloon-Dart Painting

They threw darts at paint-filled balloons to make a splatter painting for Owen to hang in his room.  
I  asked the kids to sign a sheet of paper that I will glue to the back so Owen can remember who helped him make it.  
When it got down to just 3 or 4 balloons, it was too hard for the little guys to take aim, so the big guys took over.

Water Balloon Launch

After the basement fun, we headed out to shoot water balloons at Scott.  With the help of the internet, I made a launcher from surgical tubing and a funnel.  
Try going to Home Depot and asking for those two items in conjunction without getting some funny looks!  

Scavenger Hunt

We came back inside from shooting water balloons and discovered that Owen's cake had been stolen!  
(Owen's idea from months ago; I love the look on his face here when he realizes I actually made it happen.)

The first clue led us to the garage.

... the second to the guest bath, and the third upstairs to the mystery room, where Owen's DD confessed to being the cake bandit.  
She said she wouldn't tell them where she hid the cake until every kid found a gold balloon inside the mystery room.

Heading downstairs with the final clue that led them under the dining table and to the cake.


More Balloon Room Pics

 After cake, most of the kids went straight back to the balloon room.  Working on and off, it took 5 days, 4 people and 600 balloons to fill it up so I'm glad they loved it!

Opening Presents

 Thanking his GG and getting a good laugh from a card with irreverent smelly stickers that had scents like 'Macaroni and Sneeze'.

Whew!  The End.

Thanks again to everyone who helped plan and helped celebrate!


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Anonymous said...

Great post. You captured the best of everything. You really know how to make memories for Owen!!

pb said...

Enjoyed all the posts and pictures on Owen's party. Looks like everyone had the greatest time. You really know how to throw a party! Love you.

Coach said...

Late as usual posting, but the memory of being there and being a part of everything still lingers. Thank you so much for making every trip to Alabama so memorable.