Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hilton Head 2013

 1) YOLO boarder in the morning   2) Gator  #nozoomlens!  3) House chimney in Beaufort, SC  4) Spanish moss everywhere  5) Live Oak  6) Broad Creek

 1) Citizens Cemetery, Beaufort, SC  2) On Broad Creek  3) Dolphin tail  4) Haig Point Lighthouse, Daufuskie Island  5) Stoney-Baynard Ruins on Sea Pines  6) Friends laughing

Yeah, jumping pictures are ubiquitious.  But they're ubiquitous because they're a stinkin' lot of fun.  Having a bad day?  Set the timer on your camera, step back and get those feet off the ground.  
We never managed to get all 120 toes off the sand at once, but we laughed until we cried.

This was the fourth year our group of friends had a post-Christmas getaway, my third time to go.  We explore, we shop, we play cards, we teach each other yoga, we tell embarrassing stories, and we recharge.  Thanks friends!


Rebecca Davenport said...

This looks like so much fun. I think you should be framing some of those photos! Humm... You could also gift some of those to those ladies - they are awesome.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome pitures! You are your mother's daughter -taking pictures of headstones! Im just drawn to cemeteries, too. I tried to upload a message via my phone but it wouldn't take it. I would have written sooner and I did try. Love you.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! Hard to believe I saw the same things you did! Always such a wonderful visit with y'all. So glad we have you as our historian!!! Christine

Anonymous said...

just now checking the blog! love all your photos and loved getting to remember our fun trip (once we get home we don't have much time to reflect!!) you are the best!! looking forward to many more post-Christmas adventures!


Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks everyone!