Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Storm Iago

Seriously.  Yesterday's snowstorm actually garnered a name from The Weather Channel.  Who knew?

I decided to take a series of pictures to document the accumulation.  And in the spirit and tradition of me making things painfully complicated, I shot from like 6 different perspectives.  Part way through, I couldn't even remember all of them, much less the right angle and how far too zoom in so they would match.  Wah, wah.  On with the pictures!

See?  One portrait and two landscapes.  So amateur.  How can even you stand to be here?  (wink)

You can see in that first pic that the snow was several inches deep in some places.  Owen didn't have as much fun as he could have had because I didn't have any gloves for him.  I've looked several times for some this year but never made it a priority.  Soon as I hang up here I'm off to buy some online.  Snow days are too precious in these parts to waste one worrying about angry red frozen fingers.

I included that last pic so you could see what a weird kind of snow it was.  It took 5 to 6 hours for it to blanket everything and about 45 minutes for it to flash melt and flood the gutters.  Huge wet glops of snow were coming down out of the trees; I caught the splash of one of them in that same photo.  I ended up putting my camera safely away inside the mailbox because I was being pelted by snow bombs from above.  Owen was soaked, freezing, and (okay I'll say it) pissed by the time I got him home.  But nothing a warm bath couldn't cure!

FYI:  I just got home from signing Owen up for half-day private school kindergarten.  We waffled about it and I lost a lot of sleep in December worrying about the right place for him, but I'm happy to have the decision made and be moving forward.  He'll go on to first grade at public school in the 2014-15 school year.

And sending special love out to Coach who's having some major neck problems.  Praying that your insurance will be accommodating, your doctors wise and your pain medicine really, really good!

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Anonymous said...

Again, ----- I sure wish I had been there to enjoy the snow with you and Owen and to ljust be a kid again!