Thursday, April 4, 2013


Sorry for the sporadic posting; blogging requires a certain kind of pep I just don't have lately.  And it doesn't help that, with the exception of Easter, I've been letting my camera collect dust.  Don't worry, I've got a few ideas for breaking out of my funk.  Just keeping it honest 'round here!

Okay, on to a quick Easter rundown.  Owen woke to find a basket with one egg and a clue outside his bedroom door.  And that egg led him to hunt some dyed eggs outside, 

which led to the telescope and some stickers,

which led to the cat bed and a coloring book,

and on to the fireplace and some washi tape,

and then to jelly beans in the dishwasher,

where he got his last clue

that sent him upstairs to the still kickin' balloon room

to find a djubi junior.

It was a green year for us this year (and I didn't plan it!).  One day I'm going to get a real tripod and a remote so I can quit balancing my camera on Papa's old ladder and sprinting across the yard in heels.

Since I started on a bummer note, how about we end with some fun outtakes?

Hope last weekend was wonderful for all of you!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the outtakes!! :)
Thanks for the blog updates. Since we live so far away, it helps me keep up. (ha!) Actually, you're helping me procrastinate from work!


Anonymous said...

I saw these the first day you put them up but my cell wouldn't post my comment. I finally got my lap top back so now I can post. I love that you do a scavenger hunt. You're so creative. Great mom!!!