Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big K Day

Previous first days here.

And now for the outtakes:

That's a black and yellow garden spider on his bag in that last photo.  He got it when he stomped off down the path away from me, so I kinda thought he deserved that particular fright :)   
He had an awful time keeping his eyes open, and I thought he was just being stubborn about having his picture taken, but it turns out he had an infection in his corneas.  Oops.

So far he is loving kindergarten, and I am so grateful.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe you guys have been in the Viking house that long...crazy! He looks great!!! Thinking of you today. xoxo

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I hope his eyes are getting better! Loved talking to you today. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Coach said...

It has almost been like my first day at kindergarten this week with a new secretary, new assistant principal, new counselor and a new receptionist. I also have 3 new teachers with several new aides and of course all new parents and kids. I would love to have had Owen in kindergarten on my campus. I just received a congratulations that for the past several years in a row, the scores academically have risen at a steady pace and of course that is due to the teachers on my staff. I have been blessed with the ability to recognize good teachers when I hire them, but more important, with the help of your mom, I am able to keep them. I love that Owen is enjoying school. It is important at this age that he does because otherwise, the next 12-16 years could be miserable.