Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Stock Footage

This video is from two weeks ago when I didn't know how to post movies.  His smiles and coos are already much more animated than they were then!

Owen went to his first Sunday church service with us yesterday.  (It wasn't his first official time in church since he also attended the Christmas Eve service.)  And just as he did then, he slept through the entire event - although his ability to sleep yesterday was much more impressive.  It was Disciple Now weekend, and we shared our service with the youth and got to hear their speaker and musicians.  The band was great but very loud (think Jesus meets Fall Out Boy).  Owen never even flinched!  It must have something to do with all the concerts he attended in utero.  There will come a day when it will embarrass me for him to be sawing logs in God's house, but right now I couldn't be more proud!


Anonymous said...

This was wonderful. Owen you are a living doll! I sure do miss him. I am looking forward to Spring Break. How many days can you put up with me and Daddy? I'll clean house for my bed and breakfast!! Love you soooooooooooo much. DD

Rebecca Davenport said...

AWE! I like when he moves his eyebrows. MORE!! MORE!!