Monday, April 7, 2008


I've gotten several great shots of Scott and Owen together lately, so naturally a blog theme emerged.  

When I went back to the high school last week to visit my former teaching colleagues, my friend Susan walked the halls with Owen asking people, "Have you ever met Shelley's husband, Scott?  This is exactly what he looks like!"  Owen even imitates Scott when they play - watch and listen to them in the video clip below.  And when R.E.M. was on the Today Show last week, I thought it would be funny to e-mail Scott a few shots of Owen "watching" the performance, but I was surprised when Owen really did listen.   Chip...block.


Anonymous said...

Precious and Priceless! I can't believe he is almost sitting in the rocker all by himself. Great Blog! Keep them coming.

Now Daddy Scott has to do a Mommy Blog!

Kari said...

Those are great pictures of the two of them! He is getting so big! The one of him sitting in his chair watching R.E.M. is too cute!!! He knows good music when he hears it!! Have a great day!

Love to all,


Rebecca Davenport said...

Seriously? He can sit in a rocker? He is getting too big too fast!

pb said...

I love these pictures....its hard to believe that he is getting so big. I love the rocking chair picture.

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