Sunday, April 13, 2008

Master Owen

Owen experienced his first Masters weekend, and his indoctrination into
the world of golf has officially begun! We went all out this year putting up
a house flag, making a cake and outfitting Owen like one of the caddies.    
Naturally, he did more to prevent us from watching the tournament
than anything else, but it was still memorable.  As I type this, I am sure 
Owen is in his crib dreaming of azaleas, Amen Corner and green 


Rebecca Davenport said...

You baked a cake for the Masters and dressed your child up like a Caddy? You guys are crazier than I thought!! But it is really cute (Owen and the cake)! I can't believe he sits up next to Scott like that!

pb said...

Owen is so cute! Did you bake the cake! Cool.

Anonymous said...

Making memories! As your dad says . . . you have to be in their lives today in order to be in their memories later. You two are doing just that. He will remember by the photos! You two are great parents! Love ya all!!

Jennifer said...

So stinkin cute! I can't wait to come hang out one weekend... Miss ya'll! I miss Owen! :(

Kari said...

He is too cute!! Great job on the cake too!