Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog Days

Whew is it hot!  Owen and I just got back from meeting friends for lunch at Sam's Deli down the street.  If I were on death row, my final meal request would be a Sam's cheeseburger with extra pickles.  And - to continue this disturbing stream of thought -  if my punishment were death by electrocution, I don't think it could feel much hotter than it felt sitting out on Sam's patio at high noon.

I stripped O down to his diaper, fanned him and fed him ice chips to keep him cool.  But eventually we had to just end our outing and seek the shelter (and the blissfully cool floor registers) of home.  



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Too funny. I was so glad to see everyone this weekend. Owen is getting big! can't believe he is trying to stand up. Can't wait to be in Birmingham full time! Maybe I can see ya'll more often. Have a great week.

Rebecca Davenport said...

Just like his aunt becky. keepin it cool.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shelley,

I just got through looking at all the pictures for the first time at R&D's house. I feel like I got reaquainted with Owen again. Give him a BIG hug and kiss for me. I loved holding him when he was here. Love you all.

Memaw Davenport

Coach said...

As I looked at the pictures from the 16 days we spent with you, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed every minute. Owen learned so much in that short period of time:
to clap his hands, wave bye-bye, give kisses and new sounds such as "m" and "b". He is a fast learner and seemed very interested
when books were read to him. I can't wait to see all of you again.
I want to thank you and Scott for the hospitality. I know it is difficult to share your home for that long a period of time. The two of you were wonderful hosts. Tell Bill and Kimeran thanks for the meals and say hi to GG.

All my love,