Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the Move!

Plug all the outlets and hide the breakables, Owen is crawling!  He'd been tucking his legs and getting into position even before we went to Texas, but I credit cousin Gabe for spurring Owen on to reach this latest milestone.  The opportunity to commune with fellow mini-humans was exciting enough for Owen, but I could tell it completely blew his mind when Gabe started crawling circles around him.  And wouldn't you know, Owen gave the above demonstration five days after we got home.  Thanks for the technical advice Gabe!

CONFESSION:  It's almost too shameful to admit.  I've joined the ranks of Dina Lohan, Kit Culkin and Jeff Archuleta.  I entered Owen into a cute baby contest.   

DEFENSE:  The local TV station and sponsor of the contest kept running these commercials.  Do you have a lovable baby?  They badgered me.  They hounded me.  They haunted me.  I started to think that not entering Owen would be a latent admission that I find him unlovable.  And they made it so darned easy to enter.  Just a few clicks of the mouse and I'd turned my baby into a cyber contestant.  Now he's plastered on the internet alongside babies with nauseatingly pretentious and over-original names, and I'm left wondering if I have more in common than I would like to think with people capable of naming their children Par, Zen, Chantz and Anakin (which only works as a name if you're actually from the planet Tatooine).  

PLEA:  Now that I've gotten him into this mess, we may as well vote for him!   Or, if you desire to spare Owen a life of excess and exploitation, end his career now and vote for some other (albeit less lovable) kid.


Kari said...

Oh how cute!!! Watch out now!! He may be crawling now...but he will be walking soon...and then that's when you really have to "baby proof" the house! LOL... He is just too cute!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I voted! Really funny/cute video. Have fun in Jamaica!

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks! And thanks for the vote Sarah Elizabeth - I'll make sure you have a spot in his inner circle when he hits the Big Time!