Monday, July 21, 2008

You can't handle the tooth!

If truth in journalism were important to me, I would have titled this entry "Owen can handle the teeth."  But what fun would that have been?

I've been anxious for months now about when teething would start and how bad it would hit us, but overall Owen is handling it pretty well.  There have been some fussy days and several nights of interrupted sleep.  Yet I can safely say we are on the upside of it now, and the only casualties were my nose and one entire bottle of Baby Motrin.

I thought I was going to get a great shot of his two new pearlies in that top photo, but then he made like he was Brad Pitt and I was paparazzi.  You can still sort of see them if you click on the picture and enlarge it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I've been waiting for new pics. Company picnic? Keep them coming because I'm in Owen withdrawel big time!!!!

Kari said...

Too cute! Your poor nose! I know the feeling...and it doesn't feel too good.

Jennifer said...

You guys are so cute. Love you tons!

Coach said...

It seems like the only time I get to look at pictures is late at night. Right now we have so many projects going on around the house, I stay busy throughout the day. The pictures are so cute. It does my heart good to see how great a relationship you have already developed with Owen. I did not get a chance to get a good look at his teeth while we were in Alabama, but they sure are shining in this picture. Take care and we will see you soon. We miss all of you and really enjoyed the time we had together this summer. All my love, Daddy

pb said...

I can't believe that Owen has two teeth already. Little children grow up so fast. We truly enjoyed getting to see him. Looking forward to your next trip down.
Love you and miss you so much.