Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend!  Owen had his first official babysitter Friday night while we went to our annual ornament exchange party, and I would have been fine had I not let him pull a Meredith-Viera-trying-to-ice-skate-with-Will-Ferrell move (google it if you don't get the reference) less than 30 minutes before I had to leave him.  Only in Owen's version he was in the kitchen naked and slipped and fell in his own pee puddle.  

Note to self:  Remove this post before Owen gets to middle school.

On Saturday we went to Southside to watch the Jingle Bell Run.  We cheered on our more fit friends and enjoyed the spectacle of runners in Santa hats and dogs dressed like reindeer.  Saturday night we celebrated Scott's birthday here with his family, and Sunday afternoon we kept the 1-year-old nursery for 3.5 hours during a church event.  I'm happy to report everyone survived the latter-mentioned activity.  Somewhere in there, we also put up our tree - which we've decided to rock old school as long as there are kids in the house.  Bring on the giant multi-color bulbs, mismatched ornaments and construction paper chain link garland - we can handle it!  

And I'll close with kisses from Owen.  Yes, that's Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home" playing in the background.  How unfortunate.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Excuse me! What was I!? Was I not his first official babysitter!? =( Sad day!

Shelley & Scott said...

Sorry! You have to let me pay you to receive that distinction. I'm afraid you are just the play date that he brags about to all of his friends!

sarah elizabeth said...

HA well I want another play date again soon! It has been too long!

Jennifer said...

awwww! I love the kisses!!!

Kari said...

How sweet! It sounds like yall had a full weekend!! I love the clip of him "blowing" kisses!! He is so sweet! Can't wait to see all of you during Christmas! I know that everyone here is counting down the days until the three of you and Becky get here! Lots of love to all of you!

Grandma DD said...

I love the kisses! I can't wait to get one in person. So glad you survived! DD

pb said...

I had the same experience with Audrey at the age of 14 months. I gave her a bath and she got away from me. She went into the kitchen, stopped and wet on the floor and said uh-oh, slipped and fell right into it. Needless to say, bath time again. LOL
I love the Owen kisses too and all the many pictures you shared.
Love to all.