Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyday Owen: Wrapping Presents

Owen and I are listening to Christmas music and wrapping gifts for the Texas folk.  Look for a package within the week DD & Coach.  And we won't be far behind!


Rebecca Davenport said...

HE IS SO BIG! For Christmas I would like you to shrink him. I want to hold him like a baby again! :o(

Oh he is going to be ripping up presents soon!

Grandma DD said...

I love the one little stocking on the mantel! It needs more stockings????? LOL Owen is precious. Toddler days don't last long so enjoy them and treasure them. Love to all. DD

Kari said...

Too cute!!

Shelley & Scott said...

One kid... one stocking, right?

The cats' stocking is on the door to their room (a.k.a. the laundry room).

But if you really want me to have more, here's where you can get them ;)


Grandma DD said...

You have to have more kids first!! =0)