Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Stevens!

When I could hear that Owen was awake this morning, I stayed curled up in bed and pretended to be lazy (such a tough sell) so that Owen could be the first to wish his dad Happy Birthday. Yep, that's the same banner from Owen's party.  It's fabric so I plan to be hauling that thing out for years and years to come.  Don't be surprised to find it hanging around on some of your birthdays too!  Here's a reminder of how father and son looked this time last year.  Aren't my guys handsome?

I was hoping Owen would put on a brave face and send his dad off to start his birthday with a smile, but he opted to lay on the usual guilt trip instead.
It really is heartbreaking how much he loves his dad.  Maybe I should just get a job and let the two of them pal around together all day...

Nah!  But I've really, really got to get some video of the face Owen makes when he hears Scott's keys in the door in the evenings.  I'm usually feeding him so he's strapped into his highchair, but that doesn't stop him from running in place trying to get to the door, his whole face lit up.  And I may hide it better, but I feel the same way.

Happy Birthday Dear Scott.  We love you!


Kari said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!! That poor baby!! Look at his sad face seeing daddy leave for work!! I can just imagine what his face is like when Scott comes home!! I bet he is the same way when you leave and come home from somewhere too!!

Love to all!

Grandma DD said...

Pitiful, but you girls would do the same thing with your Dad, too. Maybe it's the age and it happens to be a separation issue. You do have two fantastic men in your life!! Wait, don't forget your Dad ... Three! Happy Birthday Scott! Hope my card gets to you on time.


Kari said...

Awe....I enlarged the picture where he's crying....and you can see his crocodile tears!!!

Grandma DD said...

When you enlarge the picture you can see an org! Wow!

Jennifer said...

I can't decide if this blog makes me smile or cry!? But I loved it! Thanks for sharing. Love you!!!!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Awe so sweet! I love that little bugger!

pb said...

OOPS! Sorry Scott, I forgot to call you on your birthday. Hope you had a great day! I love the picture of you and Owen.
The picture of Owen crying makes me want to cry too!
Love to all.

Coach said...

Well Scott, I guess as the old saying goes, better late than never. I just hope and pray your birthday was as special for you as you are to all of us. If you look at Owen you can get an idea of how much you mean to our entire family.
Thanks you so much for taking care of Shelley and Owen. Once again, it is my prayer your birhday was everything you wanted it to be and more. Nobody deserves it more than you. I remember Shelley running beween houses just to wave bye to me one more time. The two of you have a very special little boy who loves both of you very much. Be sure to tell him everyday how much you love him. Again, Scott, I am sooo sorry for not contacting you sooner about your birthday. All my love, Coach/Daddy