Monday, January 19, 2009

A Quick Catch-up: Saturday & Sunday Edition

On Saturday we finally unpacked our box of loot that we had to ship home from our Texas Christmas.  Styrofoam peanuts may not be very earth-friendly, but they're for sure Owen-friendly.

And this was the night I finally found an explanation for Owen's bad naps:  a molar protruding from his bottom left gum line.  What happened to all those other teeth that were supposed to come in first?!

Sunday afternoon we went to the park.  There was a dad there kicking around his daughter's soccer ball while she was otherwise occupied, and Owen sneaked up behind him and took it!  The little girl wasn't too happy about sharing, but the dad was gracious, and we were surprised how good O was at dribbling it.  I guess he's heard how chicks dig soccer players (well that and how they get to wear their hair any way they want).

Once he was all happy and played out we blind-sided him with a double grocery store trip to Target and Whole Foods.

And that was our weekend!  Hope yours was lovely.


Grandma DD said...

He looks like he had sooooo much fun. Can't wait to come play with him at the park in February. Thank you so much for the OWEN FIX. I think I can go a few more days now. DD

Jennifer said...

Hand the camera over to Scott more! I want to see you too!!! xoxoxo Love you all!!!

Rebecca Davenport said...


Mom is coming in February? I didn't know that!

Kari said...

He looks like he had a lot of fun playing in the peanuts and at the park! He is just too cute! Have a great week!!

pb said...

I loved seeing him kick that soccer ball. He is so cute. I know he will be a great athlete, its in his blood.
Love you all.