Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Quick Catch-up: Friday Edition

Our internet went on the fritz for about 46 hours (not that I was counting or pacing or obsessively re-starting my computer or anything).  And I'm sure knowing that I couldn't post was making me want to post all the more, but every time I turned around, I saw something or thought of something I wanted to share with you.  So here's a quick re-cap.

The firm that did our house re-model last year decided to enter our project for an award, plus Portico is looking at including before and after shots of our bathroom in an upcoming issue.  What does that have to do with Owen?  Well, one of the guys from the firm came by Friday to get more shots of the finished room, and he used his fancy camera to take this candid of Owen.  Isn't the quality great?  I wish I wish I wish I had one! 

Update:  Ha!  I guess that's what I get for coveting.  It would seem that the photo is of such high resolution that it's too nice for my blog.  Sometimes I log on and it's there and sometimes it's not.  Can you see it?  If not and it's just killing you, I can e-mail it.  Just leave a comment and place your order!

It was brutally cold at the end of last week, with a wind chill of zero when we got up Friday morning.  We waited until it warmed up to the 30s to go outside.

O is becoming an avid outdoorsman.   He bays at the front door worse than the cats sometimes.  And it is no longer acceptable to come up our front walk and go straight into the house.  Owen begs (Literally!  He signs "please".) for a quick swing.
After playing in the yard a while, we came in and jumped on the bed.  While staying at their house, Owen's Grandmother and Granddad helped him figure out what fun that can be.  He's pretty good at playing the Trust Game.  No cowardly bending of the knees or checking over the shoulder for Owen!  Oh, and that's an acorn from the yard he's holding up at the end of the clip.  Should I confess that, despite capturing it on video, I didn't even realize he possessed that particular choking hazard?  Scott discovered it in Owen's pocket about 10 minutes later and took it from him.  It took a day or two for me to upload this footage and find the acorn's unappreciated guest appearance.

The image uploader is a little slow tonight so stay tuned for the Saturday and Sunday editions!


Rebecca Davenport said...

Did that say "facebook can bite you in the butt?"

I LOVE this video!! This game looks fun! Maybe I can play this game with Scott next time I come in town!

Shelley & Scott said...

Oops! Yeah, I forgot about that. It's the DJ on the radio. I don't know exactly what he was talking about, but I have to say in general that I agree with him.

As for your other question... I'll give you a chance to re-read and clarify before I respond ;)

Grandma DD said...

Yeah! You're back on! I love the video and the total trust he has in his parents. Don't you wish that could last through teenage days??? LOL I couldn't get the picture. SAD! If you want to send it you can. Love you. Happy MLK Day. We got the day off.


Rebecca Davenport said...

Hey that's the shirt I asked if Scott actually wore!?!?

I am so excited that he likes it!!!

Re-read- I still think the game looks fun!

Jennifer said...

I love the update. Yeah!!! And Owen looks adorable in the hat his Aunt Jenny bought him!!
I need to hop a standby flight soon. I miss ya'll!!!

Coach said...

I saw these videos in your mother's office yesterday, but wanted to wait until I had time to get back home and make my comments on my computer at home. It is so hard to believe how fast he is growing up: being able to keep his balance while climbing on an incline on the slide, trusting somebody to catch him when he falls backwards and the ability to dribble a soccer ball (it looks like he may be left footed). You and Scott are such great parents and Owen is such a happy boy because of it. Keep on doing what you are doing and the trust he has in you now will carry over as he grows up and he will come to you with any problems he may have. See all of you in about three weeks. Love, Coach.