Tuesday, January 13, 2009

O me of little faith

January 9, 2008

Owen is napping again.  Thank you for your encouraging words and kind tolerance of my melodrama.



Jennifer said...

hehe. You're funny. Glad he's sleeping again. Love you!!

pb said...

He looks so peaceful and sweet. I knew that he would get back on track.
Have a good rest. Love ya!

SarahEliz said...

He look so ITTY!!!!

Grandma DD said...

Yeah! I've been waiting for you to blog. Happy days are here again! -- for a little while. LOL

Rebecca Davenport said...

Is that really Owen? He looks like a newborn!

Can we discuss Orlando again?

Shelley & Scott said...

He is a newborn! Check the caption... I was sneaky.

Love you all too!

Speck: I'll check airfares today and talk to S tonight. But I may have to go home that Friday the 13th :(

Coach said...

He shows good hand coordination in getting the penguin in a position to roll it. Falling just shows he is a leader and not a follower. He had no problems with the alligator when he was in front pulling it. He just had problems when he was pushing the penguin. So it just goes to show he will be a front runner. Even though he fell, he fell gracefully without hurting himself too much. When I saw the picture, I immediately thought this could not have been a recent picture and I looked at the date underneath. You can't fool a teaser. Hopefully he really is resting better so you can get your rest. I started to call you last night to check and see how things were going, but it got too late by the time I remembered. All my love, Coach