Friday, February 13, 2009

A Baaaaa Day

What a day!! We woke up and visited the cows outside my front door. Then we met Uncle Joe at the Animal Kingdom to visit some animals!

You'll see by the first video that we were so excited to go see the animals that Owen practiced his petting on Uncle Joe last night!

The second video is Owen reaching for the goat's backside. The goats backside was busy at the moment thus the "Oh Oh Oh dear" by Mommy and the "Bahhhhhh" from Mr. Goat. It was hilllarrious! Wish you could have been there to laugh with me!

We had such a good day! I am so blessed to have my big sister and my pooh bear here visiting! We are off to mine and Joey's favorite Italian food bistro for dinner!

Happy Valentines Day to all from Aunt Rebecca! xoxo


Grandma DD said...

I can't wait to hear how he reacted to everything at Animal Kingdom. Looks like you all had a blast. The world of experiences that you are giving Owen will give him such a head start when he starts school. Expose him to everything you can. Make those brain cells work!!! MOM

LOL word identification is skydam. Ha!

Kari said... looks like yall had so much fun!!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

No one comments on the poop video! It was so funny! We laughed for like 10 minutes... hum... guess you had to be there!

Grandma DD said...

What poop video?

Kari said... are was funny! I laughed out loud when I was watching it! Loved it! karson almost got peed on when she was his age...when we took her to the zoo...LOL... Those are things you will NEVER forget...and when he gets will never let him forget either!!!