Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Post from Aunt Rebecca

Joey was anticipating Owens arrival so he could teach him the nanerpuss dance. The next morning Joe got crafty and made Owen his very own nanerpuss!!

Bath time was equally as fun! The tub turned out to be so big for Little O that Shelley and Uncle Joe had to surround him to keep him from swimming away!

We spent the afternoon in Publix cruising the aisles looking for Tiger Woods daughter Sam. Rumor has it the Wood's family has been sited shopping here and we couldn't pass up a chance to play match maker and make Scott proud!

The fun is just beginning we are planning an Epcot stroll in the morning, Joe's softball game tonight, and a least one picture with cows and fireworks before Saturdays departure!

Don't be Jealous- xoxo,


Kari said...

It looks like yall are having a blast!! Enjoy the rest of the days together!

The video wouldn't load for me...:( ~sniff~ ~sniff~

Grandma DD said...

Yes I am jealous!! Did you wipe down the buggy before you put my precious "O" in the driver's seat??? Knowing you, it probably got all sanitized.

Video didn't work for me. So I thought I would go to where I could see all of your pics and videos but it wasn't there. Where did you post it?

Love my two men in a tub. Rub-a-dub-dub. Only ones missing are Scott and Ronnie.

Joe is so creative. I guess I missed this commercial!

Love to all!


Jennifer said...

So... I love how happy Owen looks in the bathtub pic. So cute. And the video was less than a second long for me. Is that right? And I dont appreciate the 'don't be jealous' comment. I know that was directed at me! :)

Love you all!

Joe said...

Scott, Ronnie, Owen, and myself all in the tub would be quite a sight!