Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spoon me

This may be one of my all-time favorite Owen videos.  His expressions say it better than he could if he was able to talk.

Owen and I are off to Orlando tonight for a visit with Aunt Becky and Uncle Joe.  I chose the 7:35 PM flight hoping that he would just go on to sleep for the night.  Cross your fingers for me!

Maybe I'll get Aunt Becky to do a guest post while we're there.  If not, see you next week! 


Grandma DD said...

Cute! Was he looking for "Owen" when you said, "Clap for Owen?"... Or did one of the cats make a noise? He is growing up too fast.

Have a great trip tonight. Love you both very much!!!!

Shelley & Scott said...

Ohhh. I didn't even think about it, but I bet he is looking around for Owen! That's even funnier.

SarahEliz said...

I didn't know ya'll were going to Orlando! When will you be back!? P.S. I commented after your comment on my blog. P.S.S or is it P.P.S ? I went into this antique/art gallery in Homewood and I sent pictures, so maybe I can sell some of my stuff in there!

Kristie said...

I love it when he looks over his shoulder I kind of thought that he was making sure everyone saw him feed himself! Have a safe trip.

Kari said...

Too sweet!! It seems like I say the same thing to every post...but he is just so darn cute!! I love how he paused and had the...I'm not going to do it and your can't make me...look on his face...then he picks up the spoon with a HUGE smile on his face!! Too cute that he clapped for himself!!

pb said...

Good job! So hard to believe that he is getting old enough to feed himself. Have fun in Orlando!
Love to all.